Sunday, February 20, 2005

Been a While...

It's been a while since I've posted anything meaningful. And I can't honestly say that I've got much meaningful to say right now. In fact, I'm watching the Westminster Dog Show right now. Purina will provide your dog food for a year if you adopt a dog from a participating shelter this week. "I love Tibetan Spaniels." "Ah, there's that blue-black tongue of the Chow Chow." "This handler is from the dream team." "The Tibetan terrier is from Tibet, but that's right, it's not a true terrier." Okay, I'll stop and start over with something better. oooh, not yet -- the Boston is about to be shown! But it's not doing well, which is too bad. Bostons are SOOO much better looking than miniature poodles and Tibetan terriers. 53 Golden Retreivers were entered in the show -- and the handler for the German Shorthair pointer won best in show last year.

All the highlights from the Westminster Dog Show (okay, select highlights!) right here at Brittle- Crazy-Glass-dot-com!

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