Thursday, February 03, 2005

"If you're not bi-polar..."

Tonight in my counseling class, my professor was discussing recent trends in the psychiatric world and commented, "If you're not bi-polar, you should feel left out."

I don't feel left out ... ?

This class was truly a joy to be in (yes, all 3 hours of it!) -- I cannot wait for the rest of the semester to unfold because I know that every Thursday night from 6:30 - 9:30 I will be basking in the presence of a master counselor. More than that, though, I will be virtually flooded every week with God's grace, but in surprising, different, refreshing, new and beautiful ways every time I turn around. This is the wonder of the Gospel and the way I will learn to see its power in my ministry.

Some quotes that were highlights for me ...

"Ministry becomes hard, but it is a delight, a pleasure, an honor."

"We want ministry that is not predictable, in general: we want ministry to 'drop your jaw' in some way. Why? Because when you hang out with Scripture, you are continually amazed by what is there because the story goes contrary to anything man would do ... In bringing Scripture to bear in individual lives, we must not miss the wonder of what God has done in the world."

Our test for everything we talk about this semester: "Is Christ obvious, is his life obvious, is the cross obvious, and is there a sense that we are compelled to respond?"

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