Thursday, February 24, 2005

Nerdy theology riddle: make these books into a famous designer?


Hannah said...

You're killin' me.

I hate riddles, 'cause I never get them. I always cheat and look in the back, or upside down for the answers.



goodnight moon said...

I think you're only allowed one nerdy riddle per year on your blog - so that should do it for the year.

Molly said...

goodnight moon: I am a nerdy theology student; should you expect anything else?

ainsley: HINT: combine the authors.

JD said...

Yeah, I'd expect something else. It sounds like a nerdy theology student who has too much time on her hands, and I've been to WTS, and I've seen your study habits, so I KNOW that's not true. Go memorize Galatians in Greek or something. :)

ps, do I get to say the answer, or is it obvious enough?

Molly said...

I hope it should be obvious enough with my hint ... but you're welcome to concoct some sort of enigmatic answer that we all have to figure out, if you'd like!

btw: these books were sitting side by side on my shelf, which inspired this in the first place.

Molly said...

Okay, okay ... in case anybody's been dying of suspense (and PLEASE tell me you haven't been)

... the answer is "Calvin" (as in Jean/John Calvin, the great Reformer) and "Kline" (Meredith Kline, yes that's a man), creating "Calvin Klein," the designer who essentially uses pornographic pictures of children to sell underwear.

Now tell me I'm not pitiful.

Pilgrim in Progress said...

Wow. That really was pitiful. But watching Ainsley wrestle with it was fun ;-)

Hannah said...

Whad'ya sayin' Christian? Huh? Huh?!

I'll just comfort myself with the knowledge that the level of "nerd" in my blood is low. Obviously Theology nerd is REALLY low. ;)

Molly said...

which might also mean that theology in general is low?