Monday, March 07, 2005


I just want to pause for a few moments to boast about how clean my computer desktop is. I just deleted 3 unwanted shortcuts that popped up there in the last few days, so now I'm back down to (pause for me to minimize screen and count) ... 4. Two of them Microsoft won't let me get rid of, and two of them are there to remind me to run those programs occasionally. And they're buried in the far corner of my desktop. My desktop is so cleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaan, my desktop is so cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean, and it's beee-youuuuuuuuu-ti-fulllllllllll.

And, Christian, please don't ask me where this comment came from. I don't know, but I wanted to share. Make up a song about it if you would like; or put above poem (see: 'my desktop is so clean') into music. I bet my desktop is cleaner than yours, even if your computer could kick the living daylights out of mine (except in battery power).

By the way, I'm running Mozilla now, and I like it much better than the first time I tried it. I might try out Thunderbird, but I'd probably need you to get me started because I don't know how to do gmail with it. I feel so high-tech -- I've got all these special open source programs that all the programmer dudes out in cyberspace use. And I don't know the first thing about computers, except that I can type fast enough to take almost verbatim notes in class.

Speaking of which, in closing I'd like to share this from my 'mail bag' with regard to my famous notes:

Thank you Molly,
It is a huge file.
It is amazing to me when I open your files.
Enjoy your weekend in Christ.


Pilgrim in Progress said...
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Pilgrim in Progress said...

My desktop is so clean,
it is really quite obscene,
to have such time for vain frivolity,

But 'twere I bad as old Atilla,
yet because I use Mozilla,
Xian gives me grace and ample charity
You rock Molly! :-)

And since you've asked, you shall receive: