Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bedtime meditation.

What is your only comfort in life and in death?

That I am not my own, but belong - body and soul, in life and in death - to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ. He has fully paid for all my sins with his precious blood, and has set me free from the tyranny of the devil. He also watches over me in such a way that not a hair can fall from my head without the will of my Father in heaven: in fact, all things must work together for my salvation. Because I belong to him, Christ, by his Holy Spirit, assures me of eternal life and makes me wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for him. (Heidelberg Catechism 1).


I have this taped over my desk and it caught my eye in a timely way. I love the way the composers of this catechism so encapsulated the truths of our Christian life.

I also love the song by Trudy Poirier that is based on this question. I think I'll listen to it while I go to sleep!
(Sorry, I can't link Trudy's song because she hasn't recorded it. If you want to hear clips from her CD, though, go to www.peartreemusic.com, or come worship with us on Sunday morning!)


Anne said...

Oh, how I love that catechism question & answer! During my husband's last deployment, I meditated on it over and over...

Melodee said...

Don't worry Molly, a recording of that wonderful song is coming soon (we hope!)

JD said...

Molly, what's the name of that song, or maybe a line or two from the lyrics (or is the song just the lines of the catechism?)?

Just wondering if we ever heard Brian M play it back at Gwynedd.

Molly said...

Anne: I'm realizing more and more that we have to build a firm foundation of trusting in God, to prepare us for when those storms of life do come. If you ever happen to be in MT, you'll have to come and worship with us!

Melodee: I can't wait!

Justin: The song is called "My Only Comfort." It's relatively new -- starts, "My only comfort in life and in death / is that I am not my own / but belong with all my body and soul / to my Savior Jesus Christ." The chorus says, "All things work together for good / to work for my salvation / and I am assured when I read his Word / I have eternal life."

Anne said...

I'm realizing more and more that we have to build a firm foundation of trusting in God, to prepare us for when those storms of life do come.

Absolutely! In my ladies Bible study, we're studying suffering. Although right now I'm not suffering in any real way, I've realized how important it is to have a deep well of faith to draw on when the suffering comes - and it will come! I'm learning that I need to believe deeply that not only is God sovereign, but that He is good!

And if you're ever on Oahu, come worship with us! :-)

JD said...

Does the Bible actually say "all things will work together for my salvation" or are you paraphrasing Rom 8.28?

not being picky, just asking.

Molly said...

I think she's quoting the catechism.

JD said...

Shows what I know...or don't know.