Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Official Food of the East Coast.

Aaahhh, I had my first mango gelati of the season.

Calories: 350
Fat: 10g

For some things, there's nutrition information. But the flavor is priceless!

UPDATE: as part of a class assignment, I just spent the last hour+ surfing the internet for information about eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia). Shame on me for checking (and posting!) the caloric content of a favorite treat (although it's actually much less fat than I had anticipated!). On a very serious note, once I stumbled upon the "pro-ana" sites, I was a bit alarmed at how much I could identify with the sentiments of the girls who were trying to support each other's eating disorders. Though I don't think I'm in any danger of developing an eating disorder, I have gained immense amounts of empathy and compassion for those who do ... deep down, I'm no different than they are.


Hannah said...

I'm now going downstairs to cry myself to sleep.

Why is there no Rita's in Montana?

Perhaps God is sanctifying me. I must cling to this hope. Otherwise, there seems no good reason for Rita's to not bring her gelati tasty goodness here.

american girl said...

Amen, Ainsley...Rita's in CANADA seems an absolutely impossible dream...I will be visiting Rita's EVERY DAY when husband-dearest and I are in PA for WTS graduation. I wonder about the feasibility of keeping cartons of mango gelati frozen from PA to Canada...

Hannah said...

A.G., If you DO find a magical way of keeping cartons of mango gelati frozen, you MUST do the following:

2) Pack cartons in the Back of Divine Miss M's Jeep on May 27.
3) Wait by the mailbox for my first-born child.

Maybe that last one isn't as good of a payback as it first seemed....

ok, 3) Wait by mailbox for reimbursement check.

JD said...

I don't understand why there's no Ritas in NYC. I think it would do well here--especially in Harlem believe it or not.

american girl said...

I just have to say, in the middle of an allergy attack and one of the most gorgeous days I've seen yet, that the only thing that sounds good right now is a mango gelati. Or 5.