Saturday, April 16, 2005

Random thoughts.

True to the profile name I've chosen for this blog, here are some random thoughts I've had in the last few days:
  • Christian's remark that the forms in which God's truth is given to us is also inspired reminded me of a nearly unrelated thought that I had yesterday while researching for a paper. I was reading about Hebrew poetry and realized how amazing it is that the particular form of poetry that the ancient Hebrews used - using imagery and parallelism, rather than meter or rhyme - makes it particularly amenable to translation because the translators don't have to try to force their language to accommodate a foreign format. I just thought that was really cool!
  • For Salvation II, I've figured out that part of the key to doing well in the class is getting down the lingo the professor uses frequently. It doesn't really say much in itself, but this sentence will DEFINITELY be on my final: "______ & _____ are distinct yet inseparable and simultaneous facets of the fundamental soteric structure of union with Christ." (e.g. justification and sanctification; faith and repentance; regeneration and effectual calling) Don't I sound smart!
  • The above comment reminds me of the news item that I read this morning, "Scientific Conference Falls for Gibberish Prank," and the site that will generate a seminary paper. Except that these catch phrases and exegesis of the Greek text will be true and hopefully result in doing well on the exam!

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