Friday, April 08, 2005

We both shop at Trader Joe's...

I had to laugh this afternoon as I was putting away my three bags of produce from my trip to Produce Junction (amazingly cheap vegetables, fruit and flowers!). Yesterday I got tired of having "no" food in my bin, and I'm preparing for a having a guest all next week, so I made my grocery list during class and stocked up at Trader Joe's and Super Fresh. As you can see in the photo, my bins are literally overflowing.

And then I looked down at Tony's bin. At first I didn't think he had anything in them, but then I noticed the one lonely jar of marinara sauce from Trader Joe's. That poor jar of sauce is probably looking at all of the tomatoes above it and wishing they would come down and keep it company.

I must say for myself, though, I am a good shopper. I've learned how to only buy food that I'll eat right away (like the strawberries), feed other people with, or that has incredible longevity. For example, if you keep bread in the fridge, it lasts so long! Also, cereal and chips don't go stale in the fridge. If you seal the bag of lettuce/spinach tightly, it lasts much longer. Freeze bell peppers before they go bad. And Costco guacamole freezes well and always tastes delicious!


goodnight moon said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! That boy is always eating out...(or tanning, or working at SBCH to support his tanning and expensive eating-out habits...but, of course, does nothing without his phone permanently attached to his ear!)

Melodee said...

Molly, when I was visiting out east last summer Tara took us to Trader Joe's. I was very impressed. I wish we had one here too!