Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I am a bit out of it, but what's a "meme"? Anyway, Palm Tree Pundit tagged me to do a film meme, so I'm following the leader!

Total number of films I own on DVD/Video:
My DVDs are scattered across the country right now, but I'd guess I own around 20 DVDs. I've always lived with people who have good collections of films, so I've never invested in movies unless I really liked them. However, my mom usually sends me finals "care packages" that include movies that I have to resist watching until exams are over. My brother also just gifted me with a year of Netflix for graduation, so I'm excited for my first three DVDs to be waiting for me when I arrive home early next week; and I plan to catch up on 3 years of neglecting the film industry over the summer with my Netflix!

The last film I bought:
Umm... My mom sent me The Village and Elektra for graduation. I can't remember when I last shelled out my own money for a movie.

The last film I watched:
Elektra. I'm a fan of Alias, so the Jennifer Garner factor was the draw (and the fact that mom sent me the movie). It wasn't great; but it was enjoyable.

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
1. Pride and Prejudice - I didn't even have to erase this from Anne's list! I first saw bits of this in the wee hours of the morning when I was home from college. I was hooked and had to watch the continuing story, though I didn't realize how many nights it would continue! I am constantly quoting lines from this movie and wishing I was a character in it!

2. Bridget Jones Diary - She is the "every woman." This movie makes me laugh, feel good about myself, have hope and it reminds me of watching select scenes over and over with Cheri my senior year of college. I actually have a video of us watching it, with our commentary! (and it's a modern (loose) version of P&P.

3. The Princess Bride - No special meaning - it's just a classic. I love introducing guys to this movie and seeing how they "actually" like it, to their surprise.

4. Strictly Ballroom - An awesome dancing movie. I first encountered it in high school when my friend Meagan and I watched it over and over. I re-discovered it through a friend last Christmas, and since then mom has dived into the dancing movie genre and purchased Strictly Ballroom!

5. Christmas Vacation - It's actually my dad's favorite movie, but he tries to make the whole family watch it every Christmas (they also trap me and my brother in the car every Christmas and drive around looking at the Billings families who rival the Griswolds). I have to admit, it is really funny.

Now I tag Denise, Beth, Andrea, Melodee and Sophie.


Anne said...

Christmas Vacation was always my favorite Christmas movie until Elf. I still crack up at the thought of the cat & the Christmas tree scene! ;-)

Would you believe I've never seen The Princess Bride? I've tried to watch it recently, but just couldn't sit still for it. I'll have to try again. My husband and kids love it.

Thanks for playing along. And Happy Graduation!

Andrea said...

Thanks for tagging me! This is a fun one! I also used P&P and The Princess Bride. They are too classic NOT to include. I hope your time with your family is going well! I'm taking pictures of your house progress in your mom's absence. They got the roof on this week! Exciting stuff!

Melodee said...

Fun stuff! Thanks for tagging me too. I did it this morning on TRP.