Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Story Time.

I should be studying for a final right now, but I shall tell you a true story instead.

A long time ago, and very far away (two years, almost to the day; and about 15 feet from where I now sit), there lived a young maiden who has currently assumed the nom de plume "Random Mind."

Yeah, yeah, yeah... This story will actually sound familiar to some of you; and mildly unbelievable to others of you -- so sit back and enjoy the ride!

So it's the spring of my first year of seminary, and I'm studying frantically for my OTI final. Dr. Enns had given us a big list of potential exam questions, so I was feverishly packing information into my wee little brain. It's about 3:00 in the afternoon; the big final is at 9:00 the next morning. I have a long ways to go. I'm going to be meeting Christian at Starbucks soon, so we can study together (miss those days!), but I'm going to take a little break.

I saunter into Machen hall and the receptionist says, "Oh, M, a package came for you!" Yippeee! Maybe mom decided to send me TWO finals care packages this year? But this one came Fed Ex? That's odd ... usually she plans ahead better than that.

And it gets even more odd: the mailing label says "Red Envelope" on it. Now, if you're not familiar with the Red Envelope, suffice it to say: it was NOT from my mom. Nor was it somewhere from which an unattached person like me would be very likely to receive anything.

Open the box: inside is the characteristic red box. Inside is a necklace with a diamond-studded silver heart. Instant guess at the value: ~ $200. And a little card that says, "Now you have my heart, keep it close to yours."

hmmm... you know when all your senses are sort of heightened and your heart starts beating really fast out of fear? Yeah ... getting a mysterious package like that isn't nearly as exciting as one would imagine it to be. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: I'm standing in the middle of the kitchen in the dorm -- so I'm instantly shoving things back into the box and I race upstairs. Then I looked at the mailing label and it's an acquaintance of mine who is good friends with some of my friends. Who also just happened to be ENGAGED!!!

Well, I called one of those friends, and he quickly got it straightened out -- somebody had stolen the friend's credit card info and was making strange purchases. Why they were sending things like that to me remains a bit of a mystery, but somebody else had also recently received flowers and jewelry.

Despite getting things cleared up, I remained quite flustered and it took quite a bit of time to refocus on the task at hand: my OT exam the next morning. Much thanks to Christian's tutelage, it worked out just fine.

De ja vu. The next afternoon, I walked into Machen and the receptionist said, "Molly, you got a package!" For some reason, I wasn't nearly as excited as she was. I still opened the (very large) package in the kitchen (at that time it was right across from the mail room, so the kitchen was a convenient stopping point), but I was much more cautious this time. And just a peek inside to the pink-and-white-striped-boxes indicated that this modus operandi was a wise choice!

This time, I didn't skip a beat. I did not pass go and I did not collect $200. I didn't want to see what was in that box, so I took it down to the dean's office (he had been notified of the situation the day before) and deposited it there. And that was that.

And so far, I've lived happily ever after. I hope I do just as well on my final for Dr. Enns on Friday morning, and I hope I don't get any similar surprises this year.

The End!

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