Monday, May 23, 2005

Today, I get busy.

I've got lots of chores still to do today. Top among those is packing my room. I don't leave Philly until Friday, but my 'graduation entourage' is coming into town this evening, so this is my last day to really get anything done.

My entourage will be fun. My parents are coming to town, along with my dad's parents and my friend Addie and Baby Blake. Then we've got friends over in New Jersey who will be joining us frequently. So every meal, every time we get in the car for the next few days will be an event.

I think it will be lots of fun. My grandparents are amazing and interesting people; they are avid gardeners and very active in serving their community. Last Christmas I went to exercise class with my grandma; it was a dance class for senior citizens, taught by a 90+ year old woman. As of last summer, my grandpa's newest adventure was trapping rodents and freezing them (whole) for the "raptor sanctuary" down the road from their house. Being depression-era people, they see nothing strange about having two freezers and two fridges, just for the two of them. And they are organized perfectly: the rodents even have their own shelf. My dad and I also count pounds of butter in the fridge when we're there -- they're usually up around 10 pounds, but it's sometimes more.

So, I pray that we will have a wonderful time being tourists, eating, laughing and basically living together for the week. I also pray that we - and the other people we will encounter - will be encouraged by Christ-centered fellowship, both informally and in the graduation events that we attend.

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