Monday, May 02, 2005

Top Five Late Night Study Snacks

1. Nachos. I bought chips, cheese, and salsa today.
2. Ice cream. We recently plowed through mint chocolate chip (the color green) and chocolate chip cookie dough. Today I bought mango Mochi ice cream (a new discovery, thanks to TL).
3. Apples. With peanut butter.
4. Cran-grape juice.
5. Popcorn.

OR, whatever I happen to be craving at the moment and also have on hand. Last year before she graduated, American Girl and I discovered the joys of Wendy's 'eat great, even late.' We both agreed that it was good that we only had enough time to make nightly trips for about a week ... it would have been a bad habit.


american girl said...

Aaahhh...Wendy's. Sounds good, even at 9am in the morning. :) I don't even think we HAVE a Wendy's here. But we're getting an A&W, and an East Side Mario's...and a new hospital, and Home Depot. Home Depot...I won't complain about Wendy's.

Molly said...

At least you have A&W. I love their fries. And they do chili-cheese fries/dogs, etc. And, of course, root beer floats.

american girl said...

Hmmm...I'll have to try the fries when they open. Neil and I are fry-fiends. Our current (and possible all-time) favorite is NY Fries. Root beer 'em, but they don't love me.