Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So, all my rhetoric about my "final final" being this afternoon now falls into the category of James 4:13-16. It was not the Lord's will today. Instead, I spent the day attempting to remain as horizontal as possible, because every time I sat up resulted in a mad dash to the bathroom.

Praise God, I had no hassles in postponing my final final for 24 hours. Praise God that I'm not more sick than I am. Praise God for immodium! Praise God for my parents, who sent me "congrats-turned-get-well" flowers. Praise God for James who brought them up to me when I told him I didn't think I could make it down 2 flights of stairs to get them, and then he went to the grocery store just to get me the popsicles I was craving. And for Tiffany, who is bringing me Pho (vietnamese noodle soup).

I would normally attempt to make some sort of theological connection to God in a post like this. But, my mind and body are only at about 50% right now; I'm hoping to get up to 75% by the exam tomorrow. That's all!


Anonymous said...

Feel better and kick butt on your last final at Westminster.

Andrea said...

Get well soon!! We're praying for you back here in the Big Sky country!!

Anonymous said...

by the time you read this you should be done! congrats!


Anne said...

What a bummer! I hope you're feeling better now and have aced the exam!