Sunday, June 12, 2005

Catch me if you can.

No thinking today. Sorry.

But I did eat a lot of food, watch the end of a teen movie from the late 1990's, and eat lots and lots more food, including bacon-wrapped dates and white chocolate soup.

What I shall do instead is compile a quiz of random information that I've been collecting in my head for the past few days. And maybe that will keep curious minds satiated until I get back on a normal schedule in MT later in the week.

1. What does "C.S." stand for in C.S. Lewis' name?
2. Why is Chicago called the "Windy City"?
3. To whom is the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou dedicated?
4. What are tapas?
5. What is foie gras?

Those were more personal. Here are a few other facts from my brother's book Who Knew?
  1. What does McDonalds teach its employees that the fastest way to put out a shortening fire is?
  2. What is the story that has been made into a movie more than any other?
  3. What noise is used as the sound of the tornado in Twister?
  4. How many flies does each instance of dog poop that goes unscooped attract?
  5. Where are Panama hats actually made?
  6. What are some words with which no other word in the English language rhymes?
  7. What is the longest word that is typed using only the left hand?
  8. In what animal is the eye bigger than the brain?
  9. What comprises the flavor "bubble gum"?
  10. On average, how long does it take a Twinkie to explode in a microwave?

Click here for the answers.

1 comment:

Hannah said...

I love random trivia.

Ok, and about the foie gras: I can understand how it would be a delicacy, but back in the day, WHO came up with that? The steps alone make me crave something simple, like...soup.