Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dog names

I've been contemplating names for the forthcoming canine addition to my life. I haven't made any decisions yet, so suggestions are welcome!

I'd sort of like to name him after a theologian I like. (I decided on favored theologians after contemplating heretics and realizing that their names don't generally flow well when you're yelling a dog's name. Try screaming for "Arius" or "Pelagius;" it just doesn't work.) I think "Kuyper" would be a perfect dog name, except that the parents already have a corner on the "iper" dog-name market with Piper. I also like the name "Vos," but it's also a bit hard to yell.

Other names that I like are "Luke" (the name of the Black Lab Beanie Baby, I believe), "Abe," and "Albert."

Comments? Suggestions?


Andrea said...

I'm so excited that you have a puppy!! I'm not making any name suggestions, because I know you'll come up with something better. This is the girl that named her puppy after a computer part. I mean, c'mon!!
Anyway, congratulations! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Anonymous said...

I love naming dogs:

Right now I'm reading To Kill A Mockingbird so Atticus and Scout have to be up there.

As far as theologians go, Herman is a good choice, because it covers both Bavinck and Ridderbos. Not very euphoneous though. Or you could name him after a currently living theologian, like Gaffin or Ferguson - call him Fergie, perhaps..

But my current favorite dog name is Chomsky. I know it doesn't quite fit with the whole favorite theologian thing, but it sounds cool and what better talking point than naming your pet after a radically left linguist?

Okay, so most of these names I suggested are terrible, but we all have our off days. The pictures look so cute. I'm sure you can't wait to get him.

goodnight moon said...

Let's see...Machen
(CS) Lewis
(Jerry) McFarland?? =)
or (Harry) Potter??

Speaking of names...I need help too! For a little feathered friend who just became my roommate...and who now goes by the name "Birdie"...perhaps I will post my need for creative help as well.

Anonymous said...

How about Owen? I think the name fits the photo.

JD said...

How about Warfield?

B.B. Warfield is an amazing model for Christian theologians, one I seek to emulate. Not only did he give tireless care to his bed-ridden wife for many years, but he was an active churchman, and as a scholar had his hands in EVerything (I have his collected works on my wall now, and I mean EVerything).

Another options:

(George) Whitefield
(Charles) Wesley
(Karl) Barth (growing to like Barth these days)

or among ancient theologians, my faves are:

Origen (my fave of the ancients)
Justin Martyr (great one!)

Molly said...

Thanks for all the ideas! I'm giving some of them serious thought.

Justin: I thought of "Barth," but I dismissed it as part of the "heretic" category. ;)

Anonymous said...

But wouldn't a heretical/bad theologians name be more appropos?

My two current favourite dog names are:

A) Ort- anything that goes into an animals mouth, opposite of scat.

B) Phil- as in you uncircumcised Philistine dog!

I agree with Rooster though on the purpose driven name: you want a name that you can yell at a dog, use as an epithet, or twist into a coo of affection. And two syllables do seem to accomplish this more easily than one.

Caleb is an OLD standby...

....or Cain:)

Anonymous said...

Or, if you like HP (I don't know which two read), how about:


Nueva Texan said...

Some friends of mine named their dog Calvin Arminius. I think he goes by Cal.

I also like Goodnight Moon's suggestion of McFarland. You could call him Mac or Farley.

In any case, I eagerly await your announcement of the chosen name.

JD said...

Piggy-backing off Uncle Jake, you could name your new pooch "Celev" (כלב). It's the Hebrew word for dog.

The Gk word is kuwn (Phil 3.2).