Sunday, July 31, 2005

From the Windy City

I'm getting a few brief moments online before the computer is packed up and loaded in a truck to drive to NYC. In the meantime, here's a brief update from my life:

My mom and I arrived in Chicago last night. Our seating on the plane from Denver to Chicago was something along these lines: high school girls' track team in front of us (loud), boy scouts behind us (obnoxious, partly on account of the aforementioned girls), and screaming babies all around. Sometimes I display more fruit of the Spirit than others...

One funny note from the plane is that I observed many a family returning from the classic vacation to either Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park. Those poor suckers: they have to vacation there, while we get to live there. (If you don't have the privilege of having a national park as your back yard, please come visit me!)

We spent the vast majority of today packing my brother's kitchen and other belongings. My primary task was wrapping tables and bar stools in bubble wrap and cling wrap. Now they look like how the 1970's envisioned furniture in the year 2010 would look (think of movies where we're driving hovercraft and wearing silver suits with pointy collars -- the chairs are puffy and shiny green).

As I logged onto My Yahoo and skimmed the headlines, this paragraph in an article about Discovery caught my eye:

Astronauts woke up late Sunday to Dire Straits "Walk of Life." On Monday,
Astronauts Stephen Robinson and Soichi Noguchi planned to replace a failed
gyroscope, which helps steer the space station.
"What a great song to wake up to. And what a great day to go do a walk of life," Robinson said. "I like that line in there, 'You got the action and we got the motion.'"

Who would have thought that our astronauts would wake up to Dire Straits? NOT ME! They got both action and motion. I've never wished I were an astronaut, but what a cool view they must have right now.

Also of interest in the news: Bigfoot has been causing a stir in Canada. Take note, American Girl: he's moved to Canada from Montana! (Remember last year when your dad bought me a tabloid magazine that claimed Bigfoot had been captured in MT?)

Okay, I have to go to bed now -- tomorrow will again be a very busy day!

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JD said...

visiting NYC? I don't know if you're able/interested, but when you're in town consider giving us a call. 212.932.0016.