Friday, July 15, 2005

Misc Thoughts

It seems like most of what I produce these days consists in misc thoughts, or photos, or new tricks for the dogs. Anyway, here are a few tidbits from my life, preceded by some news bytes that I picked out of the news the other day:
  • BYU researchers have discovered that preschool kids can be mean, and that they do it intentionally!
  • In a related story that I can't find online (read it in the paper yesterday), it appears that it's NOT best to cater to a 12 month old's tantrums when it's not related to a need like food or pain. Apparently, this reinforces that behavior in the child.
  • In Italy, men don't mind seeing naked women.
  • If you ever want to start your own country, here are some tips.
  • Chicken Roasting 101. We are a country that loves to eat, but sadly, not many of us know how to cook. I'm thankful that both of my parents are great cooks and that they've passed much of that knowledge on to me ... although I think my dad will always grill fish better than I could.
And, on a personal level:
  • Please note below that I am now the proud master of a dog who gives high fives (for treats).
  • I am also soon to be the proud owner of a purple house -- they painted it today! It's got a lot of brown in it, but it's still got a strong dose of purple.
  • It is stinkin' HOT in Billings this week! We missed one day of it by being in the mountains, but I've nearly melted every time I stepped outside. At least we are officially (temporarily) out of our extended drought.
  • Finally, I read an interesting Reader's Digest interview with Tom Hanks this morning, and I've posted some thoughts on it over at See Life Differently.

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Pilgrim in Progress said...

Only in Italy? Amazing...