Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don't Get Your Hopes Up.

Hmm... I'm sort of logging on to post something because I feel a bit obligated, as though I've been neglecting something very important. But don't worry: I don't think that highly of myself, so I haven't taken the time to come up with a worthwhile post.

Having no idea what I'm going to say in this post, I'll begin by giving you a rundown of my week.
  • Thursday afternoon: begin moving a few items for my kitchen from the guest room of my parents' house to my house, even though I don't own it yet.
  • Friday morning: keep moving things.
  • Friday 11 a.m.: the big closing event, whereby I feel as though I am in debt up to my eyebrows.
  • Friday 12 p.m.: forget about the debt because I'm still moving things into my new house!
  • Friday evening: move, move, move. Men from church help me move my big stuff. By the time I go to bed in my new green bedroom, all but a few of my belongings are somewhere in my house or garage.
  • Saturday, all day: unpack.
  • Saturday evening: fundraising gala in downtown Billings, with a concert from a country band whose music I didn't know. Very fun, nonetheless, thanks to the company I was in.
  • Sunday: church, lunch with the Cryders (now on their way back to Philadelphia for Christian's final year of seminary), a wonderful evening worship service to celebrate the CD release of music we're privileged to sing every week (no hypertext link because I'm tired and lazy)
  • Monday: work for 1 1/2 hours, getting caught up on the broad picture of my forthcoming career. Lunch with friend, shopping for house items (I should have interest in most of the stores on Billings' West End), dinner out for my mom's birthday and Cold Stone ice cream for dessert.
  • Tuesday: Staff meeting all morning (+1 future staff member), more shopping, had first guests for dinner at my home.
  • Today: Computer training at work all morning; landscaped the front and side of my house. With the help of my mom and two other women, we planted around 14 bushes, 2 trees, and a bunch of flowers, we put weed fabric around most of them, and mulch on top of the fabric. I'm astounded at how much work they did, and at how good it looks!
I can't find the card reader to get my digital pics from my camera to my computer, or I would post some adorable pictures of Migo, as well as pics of my house. Oh yeah, and when I have time, I'll tell the story of the first thing Migo destroyed. Remind me if I forget.

In the meantime, I expect to spend the next few days at our cabin. Perhaps I'll be posting more regularly and more substantially once my crazy life settles into a normal routine.

In closing: let's all join together in praying for the people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. On a positive note, in the last 15 minutes of watching the news, it's been neat to see how many people confess Christ in their interviews with major networks.

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Longing for Home said...

Thanks for the post Molly. I am anxious to hear what's happened in the week since we have been gone. What did Migo destroy, indeed? Where the heck is the card to upload pictures? I'm waiting.....:-) We are back in Philly and trying to re-adjust. The last year looks overwhelming and scary, so prayer is definitely on the agenda. Talk to you soon.