Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Misc. & Sex.

Some misc thoughts to close the day:

  • Candy fears are mere Halloween phantoms. Scariest and saddest fact: the only kids known to have died from poisoned Halloween candy were killed by their parents.
  • Scientists claim that findings among bluebirds help explain evolutionary aspects of human behavior. They've discovered that young bluebirds hang around the nest longer when there's ample food supply ... so that explains nepotism in human beings. Why can't we just call it common sense?
  • Get Fuzzy today was funny, I thought.
And now the sex part:

In Sunday School on Sunday, Jason pointed out an interesting fact I'd never noticed before. In Ephesians 4ff, Paul goes through this "put off-put on series." For example, put off falsehood, and put on truthful speech; put off stealing and put on working and sharing with those who are in need. In Ephesians 5:3-4, Paul tells us to put off sexual immorality, in its various manifestations. What do we put on in its place? Thanksgiving.

Jason went on to explain that sexual immorality is ultimately selfish and prideful -- we are demanding that our desires be fulfilled in the way that we want them to be, rather than in ways that are honoring to God and our spouses (if we're married). So, what is the antidote? It is to be thankful for the good gift that God has given us, seeking to use it to his glory.

Isn't that amazing? I wonder how many people who are receiving counsel dealing with issues of sexual immorality are hearing God's call to them to put on thanksgiving in place of the sins that they are struggling to put off.

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