Sunday, October 30, 2005

Movie Non-recommendation

I very rarely turn a movie off, especially if it's Oscar-nominated and critically acclaimed. Last night, however, Y Tu Mama Tambien achieved that status with me. There was so much sex in the movie, and talk of sex ... I kept waiting for it to actually get to the plot. After half-watching for about 40 minutes, though, I gave up and turned it off. If it takes nearly half the movie for you to figure out the plot (if it ever gets there ... I don't know), and you're miserable getting to that point, it's not worth watching.

I wouldn't recommend Y Tu Mama Tambien.


goodnight moon said...

yeah, that's what i thought...glad you could confirm it though, without me having to go through that! =)

JD said...

May I add to your list? We watched a Bollywood flick with my in-laws (at their request--they're really getting into Indian stuff). It's called *No Entry* and is basically all about getting away with cheating on wives. I almost walked out of the theater 15 min into the movie...and to be nice, instead I just gave a lot of attention to my nearest wall.

Yeah, I continue to grow in my disdain for movies and TV