Monday, November 14, 2005


I've run across several websites recently that I find to be very useful/interesting. Don't click on them now, necessarily; bookmark them and use them when you need some knowledge.

Yahooligans Reference. Okay, it's for kids, but it's a great source for looking up information. The Spanish dictionary there is the best I've found online (and I've looked quite a bit). Other cool features include Shakespeare's works, Quotations, a dictionary and thesaurus, and a World Factbook.

Your Gross & Cool Body. Also for kids. Ostensibly. So what?

Hmmm, come to mention it, National Geographic Xpeditions is for the younger set, too. If I were a teacher, I'd use the lesson plans available there. I'm not, so I probably won't. The Atlas, though, is a great source of maps. Definitely bookmark-worthy.

Also of interest, but not of the abiding kind: China is trying to fix some of its Engrish problems.

Finally, Yahoo and Forbes are teaming up to deliver an Email Time Capsule to you in 20 years. I wonder if they've had many takers.

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Melodee said...

May I add to your list? Your mention of National Geographic reminded me of my latest find: National Geographic Geospy, an online geography game. I have now learned all 53 countries in Africa, plus all the countries in South America, North America, and Europe. I'm working on Asia. It's great fun and I'm no longer woefully ignorant of geography!