Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mi Amiguito (my 'little' friend)

Migo likes to sit on that chair and watch out the window; apparently that day, his head was just so heavy he had to rest it on the window sill.
(no, I did not set these pictures up; he's just that smart!)

Migo had a cut on a back foot, so I put a sock on him and it was so cute, I put socks on both legs and pulled them all the way up his thighs ... it didn't last long, but it was sure cute!


Amanda said...

He's so cute! I think if possible he's only getting to be a better looking dog as he grows up (but still with that puppy look!). :)

Molly said...

Thank you! I think he's pretty good lookin' too :)

Anonymous said...

it's been fun watching the progression of migo's growth online. i still remember the pictures of his puppyness. he's gotten so big it makes me feel old. :)