Thursday, December 29, 2005

"Time" Numbers

I'm home! After spending the last few days in Wyoming with family, I'm glad to be home and anticipating the joys of quietness ("subdued" would not be an apt descriptor for my cousin's kids), my puppy (I think/hope he missed me), and a real mattress (my back will especially appreciate that!).

I saw this in my grandparents' most recent Time ... notice especially the mention of kimchi!
  • 26 Tropical storms named in the Atlantic in 2005, breaking the previous record, set in 1933, of 21 such storms
  • 14 Hurricanes in the Atlantic in 2005, besting 1969's record of 12
  • 3.3 million Pakistanis left homeless by the Oct. 8 quake that claimed some 80,000 lives
  • 80% Estimated percent of the 1.8 million people displaced by the Dec. 26 tsunami who a year later still lack permanent housing
  • 490,290 Prescriptions filled in the U.S. in the past four months for flu-fighting Tamiflu, more than triple the number during the same period last year
  • 50% Increase in U.S. sales of Frank's sauerkraut since South Korean researchers reported this year that pickled cabbage--which is also used in kimchi--helps ward off bird flu
  • $3.06 Average retail price per gal. of gas in the U.S. in September, a record high
    90¢ Drop in average price per gal. by December
  • 12% Drop in U.S. CD sales this year, to 544 million units, compared with 2004
  • 15 Average legal downloads per iPod in the U.S. in 2005, down from 25 last year, suggesting a rise in illegal downloads

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