Sunday, January 29, 2006

This and That

After a 4 day hiatus from computers, here's a little summary of some of the surfing I've been doing for the past few minutes:

Michelle Malkin comments here and here about Google's agreement to censor search results in China. Actually, she's collecting "protest logos," and some of 'em are pretty funny.

Justin linked to a fun computer game. I'm going to have to pass this around at work, where I get the "fatal-error-blue-screen" several times a day.

Melodee comments about our sermon this morning. Pastor Alfred said about a paragraph-worth of comments that I'd like to post verbatim, but I couldn't scribble that quickly, so it'll have to wait until the sermon is posted online and I can go back and listen to it.

For old times sake, here's a post from Ask the Pope that I thought was hilarious. I still do.

A non-internet-related comment: you'll notice that I haven't been posting nearly as many pictures of my puppy dog lately. That's not because I love him less, but rather because he's not the adorable baby he was 6 months ago. He is very funny, though, in that he's got puppy antics in the body of a full-grown dog. His latest is crawling under my bed, which he can't do without considerable effort. I like to go grab his tail while he's under there (dead giveaway!) and he always jumps and bumps his head, and then he has to crawl around to poke his nose out and glare at me.

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