Friday, April 21, 2006

Humility in Dress

From Girl Talk, this is one of the best statements of "the heart and soul of modesty" that I've seen:
I began to understand the heart and soul of modesty. Modesty is humility
expressed in dress, a desire to serve others, neither promoting nor provoking
sensuality or lust. It is rooted in a desire to lose any and all consideration
of self and live hidden behind the cross of Christ. I became more and more aware
that my dress was not an outward expression of the gospel, or humility. I began
by aggressively examining my wardrobe.


Melodee said...

Wow. Thank you for posting that, Molly. As I read it I realized that I am much more inclined to take pride in my modesty than make it an expression of humility. Fits in with our sermon today - I am so quick to have faith in my "moral ability" rather than in Jesus.

By the way, I really enjoyed our conversation this afternoon - thank you!

Molly said...

Thanks for your comment, Melodee. Isn't it amazing how we can take ANYTHING (even a good thing) and make it a subject for pride! When I find myself doing that, I call it my "______-righteousness," e.g. "Sunday School attendance righteousness" or "servant's heart-righteousness" or "modesty-righteousness." These ARE good things, but (as Shane said) we can't infer God's love on account of doing them.

I'll miss you next year!