Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An Update of Sorts

Just a few random things...
  • I had 9 inches of hair cut off last night. It wasn't quite enough to donate to Locks of Love, but I really wanted to have shorter hair for the summer ... and to stop spending 30 minutes drying it every time I took a shower. Still figuring out how to style it, but liking it so far.
  • I've recently been enjoying a lot of Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss Cheese.
  • I'm also fond of Coffee-mate's Creme Brulee flavor, which I enjoy in the morning with my homemade scones (this week's raspberry ones aren't as good as last week's cranberry ones...next week is blueberry, I think).
  • 9Marks Ministries links to a great video of what to look for in a church.
  • My church had membership Sunday this past Sunday. It's always such a great time to see the way that God is knitting his people together for his glory. I got to know this group because I went through the membership class with them ... everyone is unique and has a really neat story, and they all bring special gifts and blessings to our church. And they bore testimony to what is true of all of us: that we are members of this body only by His Grace.
  • This is sad, but not particularly surprising: America's Circle of Close Friends Shrinking. More evidence of this can be found by clicking 'next blog' -- it never takes long to come across someone who's really hurting and has nowhere to go. The Body of Christ has much to offer in the way of true community ... we just need to find ways to go where these people are.
  • Finally, this article and others like it prompted me to send the following tidbit around to our staff.
    The "heaven" of Buddhism is Nirvana, a state in which the individual transcends suffering through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness. Apparently, Buddhist monks in Thailand and Cambodia are having difficulty getting rid of those pesky "desires" because they've been getting in trouble for being too excited while watching the World Cup games, or for being too tired to do morning services as a result of staying up late to watch the games. Cambodian monks are under threat of losing their monkhood "if they make noise or cheer as they watch."


Melodee said...

I have a great recipe for honey currant scones, if you're interested! :)

Molly said...

I would love to check it out!