Monday, July 17, 2006

Thank God I'm a country girl!

On Saturday afternoon, I had about 3 hours to make a 1 1/2 hour drive, so I decided to do what I've often wanted to do but not had the leisure to -- stop and take pictures of most of the things that catch my eye while I'm driving through this beautiful country (going from the northwest edge of the Crazies to Bozeman). There were a few places that I wish I'd stopped, but it was either a bad place to pull over, or there were cars behind me that would have made a relatively sudden stop a little dangerous. Nevertheless, here are the results of my weekend meanderings.

This is a big gate that we go through in order to get to our cabin. I love the iron silouhette against the blue sky.This barn (on hwy 89) has looked like it was going to fall over for years. Last summer, it did.
The Bridgers, from the east side. This valley (I don't know its name) and the Shields valley are so much greener than the rest of MT (which is pretty much incinerated by now, it seems).

Highway 86. Did I need to tell you that?
I loved these mailboxes with the Crazies in the background.
Stop sign. At this angle, it kind of feels like this road leads right into those swirling clouds above it.
Haystack and the Bridgers.

Hay!I think these are the Absarokee Mtns, taken from the turnout for Bridger Bowl ski area.

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