Sunday, July 30, 2006

Together for the Gospel

A few quotes from "Together for the Gospel" CDs that I listened to recently:

"The cross is the center, but praise God that it's not the end." -- Mark Dever

"CJ is a odel of someone who seems to live in gratitude, who seems to live in the knowledge of what God has done for him, and that is infectuous." -- Mark Dever, introducing CJ Mahaney

"His character reflects not fundamentally CJ, but the Lord Jesus Christ." -- ibid

"How dangerous is the Pharisaism that loves the intricacies of the doctrine but then it doesn't affect our hearts. We turn people away from the Gospel when we live like that, but God has given CJ a great gift in giving him a tender heart that he cultivates ... straining to apply what he [teaches] ... that is what ultimately commends the Gospel." -- ibid

"What a joy it is to speak after John Piper. You write a book on humility, and that's what happens." -- CJ Mahaney

John Owen: "Study your own soul's health -- you need to, and you're in danger if you don't." -- quoted by CJ Mahaney

"Heart work is hard work, and heart work is humbling." -- CJ Mahaney

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