Friday, July 21, 2006


Okay, so I just have to give a little update about my newest hobby, YMCA church league softball. I'd never touched a bat before May, but I figured that I can run, catch and throw, so joining the team wouldn't be a total loss. Plus, I'd noticed at games I'd gone to in previous summers that the team was perpetually short on women (you get an automatic out if two men bat in a row and you have a hole in your field somewhere if you don't have equal numbers of men and women out there), so at the very least, striking out or getting thrown out at first would be no worse than an automatic out.

The good news is that I'm not an automatic out! I'm certainly not stellar, but I can make contact with the ball most of the time, and sometimes they bumble the ball and I actually make it onto first :)

I've had so much fun this season -- it's great to be part of a team (I've missed that dynamic since that was much of my life in high school), and I've loved "bonding" with people from my church in this way. Playing the game is only part of the fun -- interacting with these brothers and sisters from church is a blast. Plus, we always have a good turnout of fans, which creates more fellowship.

And, it doesn't hurt that our team is pretty good (for church league). We had only one loss this season, and we beat that team last night in a nail-biter in our second round of tournament play :)

I'm thinking I'll pen some thoughts about "softball sanctification" (no joke!), but in the meantime, come out and cheer for us tonight at 5:45 at Rose Park. If we win this one, we're in the championship tomorrow afternoon!

UPDATE: we lost.

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Melodee said...

You are definitely not an automatic out! You've been doing great (and just getting better), and it is a pleasure to root for you.

I do have to say though, that that game last night should not have been a nail-biter. We did have a 6-run lead at one point. yikes!

Some of my favorite fellowship is at church softball games. It's such a fun atmosphere, and I love the way the fans care for the players kids' and there is such a sense of family.

See you tonight!