Friday, August 25, 2006

Sin Bounces

I recently listened to a message from Ravi Zacharaias to a group of Mormons at the Salt Lake temple -- the first time that a non-Mormon had spoken there in 150 years. According to reports, it was amazingly well-received. A few quotes that I really enjoyed:
  • Addressing the Muslim worldview of avenging wrongs, he said, "When they wrong, you want to wrong them: boomerang ... I want to tell you something about the cross of Jesus Christ. When insolence was hurled on him and indifference was hurled on him and irreverence was hurled on him and ignorance was hurled on him, sin didn't bounce back; sin stopped as he said 'Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing'... "
  • "The Christian faith is uniquely the faith that offers forgiveness. You don't find that in the world view of reincarnation -- you pay, you pay, you pay, but Christ offers you forgiveness."
  • "We are dealing with the subject of truth, but much more than in the abstract, we are dealing with it in its embodiment."
  • "Conviction that is not undergirded by love makes the possessor of that conviction repulsive, and the dogma possessed becomes repulsive."

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