Thursday, December 21, 2006

CwiPP quote

From an article by Dr. Peter Jones entitled "Why All the Lights?" This isn't really the main point of the article, but I found it interesting.

The same anti-Christmas propaganda is just as active in Great Britain (and I imagine in many, if not all, of the countries to which this letter goes). Jeff Randall, a self-styled not-very religious journalist for The Telegraph writes a piece, "Christmas crucified by do-gooders." His point? Christmas is not being attacked by the English Jews and the Moslems whose delicate consciences are the supposed reason for the non-season. On the contrary, every year he receives a "proper Christmas card" from the owner of his local curry house, who is a Muslim from Bangladesh. No, Christmas is being crucified, he claims, by the White, Anglo-Saxon Christian apostate liberals, who, under the pretext of multi-cultural sensitivity, are trying to re-brand Christmas as a kind of pagan "Winterval," Thus eliminating from the cultural memory any notions of Christian theism, of which Christmas is such a powerful reminder.
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