Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I watched Elizabethtown on Monday night and I really liked it.

It's wry, low-key, unexpected; it celebrates life and friendship, and it made me want to take a road trip. And it has a great soundtrack.


Amanda said...

I liked it too; it wasn't really like I'd expected it to be. And it starts out so bizarrely. :)

Ditto about the great soundtrack and wanting to take a roadtrip!

Melodee said...

Amanda and I had fun joking about knives and exercise bikes when we were developing some new HST products last year. :) And not to be repetitive or anything, but boy does it make me want to take a roadtrip across the U.S. of A. (a country I'm missing so much that I almost went into the US embassy in London just to step foot on "American soil"!)

What did you think of Orlando Bloom's American accent? I didn't really notice it being too bad, but I've heard other people say it was awful.