Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Given the headline this morning that reads "Protests Paralyze Lebanon," it seems a strange time to be posting an update on the wonderful trip that I just had to the region. It's funny what a personal experience will do for your perception of violence in a not-so-strange-anymore-land.

Just over a week ago, I strolled around the base of this mosque and took pictures at my leisure. Now people have to cover their faces as they walk past because of the putrid smell of burning tires.

Just over a week ago, I drove in and out of the airport repeatedly (not only coming and going, but also 2 trips to look for lost luggage). Now protesters have blocked the roads with burning cars and travelers are walking to the (also-crippled, but operational) airport.

Just over a week ago, I met and became friends with people whose families, schools, shopping -- their lives -- are now paralyzed by violence. I have names, faces, families and personalities to "read between the lines" of a Yahoo headline.

THAT SAID, what I missed by a span of only 10 days has not put a damper on my enthusiasm for my trip (or my appreciation for God's protective mercy over this traveler), and if you'd like to see this beautiful, historic city as it looked before the haze of burning tires filled the air, here's a link to my Yahoo photo album.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you had a good time and missed out on this week's violence. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I always forget that the Middle East is home of the oldest historical sites in the world, so it was cool to see some of that in your photos!

Andrea said...

Great pictures, Molly. Thanks for posting them. Isn't it strange how the news takes on a personal meaning like that when you have a connection to an exotic place?