Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Playing With Your Food

I tend to be really interested in stories about animals. This one is no different: Yahoo News reports on a pair of orangutan twins who are the playmates of Sumatran tiger cubs -- all 4 were abandoned by their mothers at birth, and they are living in a zoo nursery together.

Someday, Scripture promises, the lion will lie down with the lamb ... in the meantime, zookeepers expect that they will have to separate these species when the tigers turn around 3 months old.

This is too cute!

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korean_darkness said...

There are fewer things more intriguing and amusing to me than watching animals of different species interact peacefully and playfully with one another. And I never thought about it before: If that promise is literal, then we'll get to see that in the new creation! Amazing!

By the way, with stories like this, I always wish that the news services would follow up and report the outcomes...who knows? Maybe the tigers will develop such an affinity for the orangutans that they won't have to be separated.