Monday, March 19, 2007

Dog Days

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Tongue

Tweedle Tongue ... Bailey has this hilarious habit of hanging over the edge of the stairs, especially if there's something interesting to lick. I guess that makes me interesting.

This is Baily in the comfort of her perch on the stairs.

I love this picture, partly because I took it while Callie was lying on my lap (YES, I meant to say that, and YES, I know, I'm amazing). The next picture is the same thing... she was so relaxed, I felt like I could practically pour her into a glass and drink her.

I'm happy about the composition of this picture of Scrappy -- the lighting and the focus came out perfectly, and I like the contrast of her brown/black from the black/white of the blanket.

Migo has a curtain fetish (ever since he was a puppy). He ducks behind curtains (my bedroom, my parents' bedroom, my dining room) and then peeks out from under them. I guess he was feelin' the urge and so had to make due with this apron in my parents' kitchen ... but only that single string cooperated. What a goofball!


Andrea said...

Puppies! I'm always a sucker for some puppy pictures. Migo has turned into quite the gorgeous boy. Not that the other three aren't just as gorgeous. I'm just partial toward giant black hairy monsters.

Molly said...

Thanks, Andrea -- I agree that Migo's prettier than his smaller counterparts. They're "cute," he's "beautiful." :)

Speaking of which, I hope Cache's leg continues to heal well!