Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What kind of food are you?

If you were a kind of food, what would you be?

Off the top of my head, I'm torn between two: pico de gallo (a little bit of everything, a little bit spicy) and spicy chocolate (like this one, which I've never tried).

What about you?

Or maybe I'm just craving spicy foods right now :)

UPDATE: OKAY, this is totally off topic, but it's got me giggling (because I'm a nerd) and I think my audience "out there" has the best chance at appreciating this with me. As a background to my comment, I've recently been reading and thoroughly enjoying Eats, Shoots and Leaves. If you are a grammar stickler and you haven't read this book, pick up a copy. It's really engaging and entertaining, and it scratches this grammar-stickler right where I itch. Anyway, I recognize that all of us succumb to poor grammar occasionally (I have to admit that I've been horrified to read something I wrote when I was tired and realize that I used "there" instead of "their" -- ahhhhhh!), and this morning, 9Marks made me giggle with this sentence in their newsletter:

And postmodernism, the cause of so much hand-wringing these days about what "should" happen the "pulpit," is re-considered by "Carl Trueman."

Who do you suppose this "Carl Trueman" is, who is telling us what "should" happen in the "pulpit"? I suppose he masquerades as a "seminary professor" who teaches "history" to a group of "students"?

In all seriousness, this is a great newsletter with great topics covered this month (as always) ... so don't let a little "grammar slip" put you off!


korean_darkness said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!!!! At least the writer got the period inside of the quotation mark!!

Actually, this reminds me of an entry I wrote about this very thing, although it was misused it a different way.

Thanks for sharing this!!!

Melodee said...

Hmmm...I'll have to think about the food thing...

"Molly," as a member of the grammar police, I know you'll get a kick out of this post that Amanda sent me a few days ago.


Molly said...


Thanks for the link to that post about the "Womens" bathroom sign. "Sad," isn't it?

If I were to assign a "food" to you, I'm thinking blueberry pie ... what do you think? Could you "be" a blueberry pie? Rich, complex, good balance of sweet and tart... :)

That's kind of the opposite of anthropomorphizing, isn't it?

- "Molly"

Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

korean_darkness said...

Upon further reflection, I have a theory regarding the use of "Carl Trueman." Perhaps the author wasn't referring to the actual man named Carl Trueman, but rather to a set of theological positions which he or she personified. The shorthand is his public persona, not his person. This is why the quotes were necessary.

See what fluff someone can come up with when they're in paper writing mode? :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Molly...it's "fun" to read about "grammar"!

And food. ;)

I'm thinking I'd like to be chocolate ice cream, or maybe some kind of Indian food with curry....

Molly said...

Won Ho -- I think your "theory" might just have some "merit" to it.

I was also thinking this morning something on a similar line: just as the author meant to convey that a "pulpit" isn't really a pulpit in a postmodern context, and "preaching" isn't really preaching in a postmodern context, so "Carl Trueman" isn't manifested in the way we would expect when placed in a postmodern context.

Amanda -- I like curry for you. Good one!

Anonymous said...

Since you tend (like so many of us) to be on grammar patrol, I hope you are enjoying a frequent podcast dose of Grammar Girl. http://grammar.qdnow.com/