Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Autoreply: Out_of_Office

This is what people see when they email me at work. Because I´m out of the office, but still working ... just from a slightly different hemisphere :)

Yes, I´ve entered the Southern Hemisphere for the first time and am enjoying the warm hospitality (but cool weather) of Lima, Peru. Despite the perpetually gray skies, it´s a beautiful city. We had lunch today right on the beach ... actually, we were several hundred feet above the beach, as much of the beach is bordered by some pretty dramatic cliffs. The restaurant´s website calls it ¨an imposing view of the Pacific Ocean¨ (click on ´location´and then ´Larcomar´to get a glimpse of the view).

I have yet to use my camera, but I plan to. I guess I´ll have to scrounge up pictures of the beach (if I don´t make it back) from the internet and postcards. In the meantime, you can google your own pictures or imagine it.

Hasta luego ... y vaya con Dios.

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Anonymous said...

So uh, you're back. Where's the update and all the cool photos? ;