Friday, August 17, 2007

"The Church at a Crossroads"

A few select quotes from a really good article called "The Church at the Crossroad: A Global Perspective," by Bill Nikides. Though the following quotes aren't indicative of the heart of the article, I liked them enough to want to memorialize them somewhere:

"In the West, we characteristically value independence and our often unstated value system appreciates the development of churches to suit our own taste or match our own understanding. This is entirely normal and most unbiblical."

"The truth is that the nations do need to engage the Scriptures from within their cultures. They do need to theologize. In so doing, they will modify structures and develop biblical approaches to issues of direct applicability to them. They must not however be alone in this enterprise. They must do their theologizing in living dialogue with the church throughout the world and the church throughout time. Theology has to be a community project."

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Oooo...I LIKE this.