Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Stuff

I spent most of Tuesday sitting in Central Park, either reading, sleeping or people watching. It was fantastic. I'll post more on that later. In the meantime, here's a quote from Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, which was my reading fodder for my days off. It's so good -- I think I'll have to read it several times to absorb all of the gems of wisdom that Paul and Tim have to offer in it.

This is from pages 61-62, a section called, "To love you as I should, I must worship God as Creator," where they unpack what Psalm 139 means for our relationships:

"What beautiful, amazing, and important words! If I do not see the wise work of the Creator when I look at you, it will affect the way I relate to you. God wants me to remember that his hands formed every part of you. His attention never wandered, his hand never slipped, he made no mistakes, and there were no accidents. The shape of your chin, the size of your frame, your personality, your intellectual gifts, your natural abilities, the color of your hair and skin, the timbre of your voice, the way you walk, and a million other things that make you who you are were all crafted by a gloriously wise Creator. You are the creature you are because of his beautiful plan."

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Andrea said...

I love this! That is a GREAT quote.