Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Humility and Grace: A Genuine Example

Yesterday, I talked on the phone with a ministry friend who is at a period of uncertainty in his life. Several years ago, his church informally nominated him to be the successor to their aging senior pastor, when that day should come. Several weeks ago, they retracted that invitation.

The humility and grace with which he is approaching the situation astounds me.

Normally? There would be great potential for shame, anger, bitterness, and trying to undermine what the church leaders are doing.

But he sees God's hand in his situation, and he knows that he will have many opportunities to glorify God in the (yet-unknown) path that God has laid out for him. Furthermore, he wants what is best for the church. He wants to submit to his church's leadership. He wants to serve both the current and future pastor.

May he be a model for me when I don't get what I think I should, when I don't think I'm being treated fairly, and when life takes its inevitable unexpected turns. May I live with the eyes of faith to see that what God is doing is so much bigger than what I can see right now!

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