Friday, January 04, 2008

Bob's Blog

This will primarily be of interest to those of you former Machenites who are out there and haven't already been clued in to the fabulous fact that Bob is now blogging. (For those of you non-Machenites -- i.e., people who haven't lived in Machen Hall at WTS -- Bob manages the physical plant and living on campus provided a rare and delightful opportunity to get to know him.)

Today, Bob mulls over some intriguing points of linguistics, brought on by abstaining from food for some bloodwork:

Why is it called 'fasting' when time seems to be slowing between meals? Why is it 'fasting' when you do it voluntarily and 'starving' when someone else does it to you? When I eat a Wawa pork roll and cheese croissant melt and some frothy coffee combination for lunch to celebrate 'not fasting', should that be called 'quickening', like the King James Version of being born again?

And on a different note...when you run over a nail with your car, you get a flat tire. If you step on a nail, should you get a flat foot?When God provided Adam and Eve with 'skins' to cover their nakedness after the Fall, did Eve ask Adam if the outfit made her look fat? Could Adam even answer, since there was no standard for the phrase at the time?

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