Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jonah Werner

I've been becoming happily reacquainted this week with a CD that my parents gave me after they came home from a week at the Malibu Young Life camp. The artist is Jonah Werner; I think I'll pick up his second CD soon.

If you go to his website, and click on "music," you'll be able to listen to about a dozen of his songs. Favorites so far (that I hadn't heard before) are "Sweet Relief," "Better Things" and "Miracle."

I have DeRail, and like almost everything on it. Blue Pajamas will crack you up. Hurricane has some great lyrics --

He listens to an old radio
Singin songs out in the desert about the snow
And he wonders how this place got so... Cold.
But to the distance, the sunset shines
In all of the people, with messed up lives
Wonder, how in all the darkness,
Could there be such a light as this
They raise their hands not in surrender,
But in submission, to their brokenness

And I've loved "Everytime You're Lonely" since I first heard it ... In fact, I spent a summer with it as my theme song (the coda and the chorus, but for different reasons).

Come on gals, who wouldn't want a guy to describe them like this:
You say you got eyes that hypnotize
Go bring you down to your knees
You got a dynamite-like explosive unpredictability
Simple style, not so much fancy but free
You think I'm lookin' at you, I think you're lookin' at me
She turns the radio up, she goes dancin' around the room
She don't got a single thing to say, she's got dancin' to do
And she sticks out her hand and sings a tune
She says, "come on come on come on
How'd you like a little rock-n-roll
I never heard a man who would take a chance
on a little bitty girl with a little true romance..."

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Jeromy said...

Jonah was huge hit with the kids we were mentoring in our neighborhood that went to YL's camp. Great artist, and he's been to town a few times...keep your eyes peeled.