Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Small Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts --

I'm feeling better. I managed to make it into the office this afternoon and was greeted by the pleasant surprise of a plate of donuts on my desk, left by a super lovely coworker who knew I'd be disappoined to miss them at our Tues meeting. I didn't manage to dive into them yet (but OH I'm looking forward to that chocolate frosting tomorrow morning!), but I laughed imagining myself sipping my apple cider-flavored TheraFlu and eating Krispy Kremes.

Amazing grace. Despite feeling physically on the mend, I was a little, um, on edge for my afternoon in the office. Almost as soon as I walked in the door, I picked a fight with someone ... and not just a little, I picked until I got my fight! And then I spent the next few hours feeling like I'd tried to smear dog poo all over them and gotten most of it on myself. But the amazing thing is, they showed me grace, and I walked out of the office tonight feeling so free, sort of like they'd helped me wipe all of that poo off of myself.

The holy catholic church. I'm housesitting again; this time the parentals are off for a few weeks in the aloha state. Since they'll be there over a few Sundays, they were checking out the PCA churches on the islands. Knowing that Anne is in the PCA, at a church where Tara has spoken, I emailed Anne to find out which church she attends. So my parents will be worshiping with the PalmTreePundit this weekend! I find this cool on two levels (besides that Anne herself is cool -- and you can tell your kids I said that; if they don't believe it now, they will in another 10 years!): first, it's one of the practical outworkings of being part of a denomination (and a small one at that) -- I can go to church almost anywhere and feel at home, because this church is closely related to mine. Secondly, it's one of the crazycool ways that the world wide web is changing our lives: I've never talked to Anne in person (who knows, I might not until we get to heaven), but I know her personality and theology well enough to be excited to recommend her church to my parents. I dunno ... I just think that's neat -- probably something that the apostle Paul could never imagined when he was writing all that New Testament theology about the connectivity of the universal body of Christ.

I have three dogs on my lap right now. Sometimes small dogs can be so great!

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Anne said...

I'm really looking forward to meeting your parents, and like you, I think the way we're connected as a denomination and through blogging is very cool!

And I'm definitely going to tell my kids you think I'm cool! ;-) Because I'm such a geek! :-)