Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things I've liked

A few quotes/articles I've really liked (or thought I'd like, once I get the time to thoroughly read them) have crossed my desk in the last few days.

First, a few things pertaining to suffering from last week:

1 -- Paul Tripp continues his meditations on Psalm 27. I'd flitted in and out of his blog until I picked up and memorized Psalm 27 a few weeks ago. Since it's so much in my mind, I find that his meditations are totally resonating with me now. What a rich portion of God's Word!

2 -- Mel linked to this article. For some reason I couldn't get my web browser to stay on the page, so I had to print it out, but it is excellent. Maybe some highlights when I've read the whole thing :)

3 -- Andree Seu continued in her profound brevity; I particularly loved her conclusion: "There is much we don’t see behind the curtain. And where can I go? He has the words of life."


* From a much-linked interview with Tim Keller by First Things: "We do not want a crowd of spectators. We want a community."

* Tim Challies linked an article from Matthias Media about the fad of letting little girls (especially in the church) call themselves "princess." This is one of my huge pet peeves; if/when I have children, I will never let them wear those shirts, or - worse -the shorts that have snooty phrases on the butt. The article is too long to read at work, but I'm definitely going to be reading it later.

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