Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two things

First, I just got my t-shirt for the Montana Women's Run (on Saturday). It is extremely pink.

Secondly, I just came across this quote and loved it:

"That is what mortals misunderstand. They say of some temporal suffering, 'No future bliss can make up for it,' not knowing that Heaven, once attained, will work backwards and turn even that agony into a glory." -C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce

Oh wait, no, three things: I bought a bike yesterday! It's the first time I've been on a bike in about 10 years, but I'm looking forward to some great times of riding all over this summer, including this evening if it stops raining. Yay! Oh, and I rode back from my parents' house yesterday with Migo running alongside me and on the home stretch I let go of his leash and raced him -- he loved stretching out and running full speed. I bet he was thinking, "Man, mom, I didn't know you could move that fast!"


Julie said...

Molly - are you going to join our bike-riding-to-work club? Okay, it's not so much a club as it is a bunch of cheap PM employees pedaling...but you're still welcome!

Molly said...

Yes, Julie, I hope to. It probably won't be very consistent, but I'd like to set a goal to bike to work at least once a week this summer ... for $$$ and health reasons!

My biggest challenge will be getting up and out of the house in time to not be pedaling into the parking lot 45 minutes late :D

Carrie Peeples said...

I didn't know you were doing the Women's Run. I thought you didn't run much?

Molly said...

Carrie, you're right, I'm not a runner! I'm signed up for the two mile run/walk ... with emphasis on the WALK. But lots of the PM ladies are doing it together and having brunch afterwards, so between that and the fact that they always have cool shirts, I thought it was worth $20+a morning of my time ... I just didn't realize the cool shirt would be so *pink*!