Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two brief things

If you haven't read up on Michael Phelp's eating habits, you'll have fun gasping at what that boy consumes in a day.

Over at the PM blog, Jerry created a nice seque from my thoughts on mercy in relationships, so I posted a follow-up from a book I'd been re-reading that morning. It's a long quote, but I just didn't feel like I could make it any shorter. In fact, if I thought people would read it and I wasn't violating copyright laws, I'd probably post most of the chapter. Be sure to read the whole post that Jerry linked, too.

Okay, I'll stop telling you what to do now. For now.


Julie said...

Molly - you're aging before your time! I laughed at your statement "what that boy consumes..." That BOY? At 23, He's not much younger than you!

Melodee said...

That is incredible and a little bit disgusting. I mean, I know he swims over five miles a day, but how can he manage to eat that much? And how long does he have to wait after meals before getting in the pool? :) "The chocolate coating makes it go down easier. And no swimming for what, an hour?" "At least an hour."