Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, I've gotten at least one piece of hate mail about not blogging. Did you not go to Michael Yon's site? JUST KIDDING (about the hate mail, it was a comment in person).

In the spirit of blogging, here are two more things:
  • I love pepperoni. Why is it so delicious? It must be all the fat. On top of pizza, in a calzone, in a salad, it's all delicious.
  • I made a fantastic pork roast the other day in my slow cooker. I'll post the recipe later (but don't hold your breath, I still owe Beth a soup recipe from last week -- yes, I haven't forgotten!). My father-in-law said it's probably in the "top 2 pork I've ever had." We had two days later with eggs in breakfast burritos, and that was super delicious, too. Waaaay better than pepperoni.
  • And, HH and I have recently discovered (thanks to Paste sampler CDs) the wonderful music of Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, a husband and wife duo from Australia. Here's the song that first peaked our interest (good, but not as good as my pork):

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