Monday, October 06, 2008

This Island Life

So, I'm back from a week at the Peacemaker Conference and a week of honeymoon/vacation.

Well, partly back. My body is here. I'm hoping my mind will be here by Wednesday. It's awfully hard to break back into "real life" after a week of island-mentality: go to bed when you want, wake up when you want and then stay in bed for another undetermined period of time. Eat when you're hungry, nap after that. Cruise around under beautiful blue skies and stunning ocean clouds in a convertible minicooper. Spend a week with your favorite person in the world and, otherwise, have no agenda whatsoever.

I will tell you this, and then I'm going to try to focus my brain on work for another "spurt:" when we were in Key West, we made a determined effort to get to know all the different "ritas" there ... the Concharita, the Sloppy Rita, the Hogarita and your everyday Margarita. The winner, based on both flavor and, um, "punch," was the Sloppy Rita from a famous Key West bar called Sloppy Joe's (name suggested by Ernest Hemingway!). Although, I must say, my Mollyrita could put up a good fight.

Maybe some highlight pics will follow this evening or tomorrow ... HH posted some funny update videos on his facebook, if you do the FB thing.

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