Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To funny

I just got back from my b-day lunch with HH. After lunch, we walked past a car that was parked outside of a pawn shop. Not to be overly offensive, but it looked like a car that would be parked outside a pawn shop. I leave it to your imagination to decide what that means.

Anyway, as we walked past, we noticed that the license plate said "To Slow."

HH debated if he was headed in the direction of a place called "Slow." Or maybe he was using it in infinitive form, as in, "I'm driving this slowly to slow you down." Or maybe he just has bad grammar. Alas, we suspect the last was correct.

"That's to sad!"

"Ha ha! You're to funny!"


Laura said...

Or maybe he was dedicating his car to the memory of his friend Slow, who, tragically, wasn't quite fast enough.

Laura said...

And happy birthday, by the way! :)