Thursday, February 05, 2009

Food and Hugs

Well, thanks to the joy of links and my feedreader and people the wide-world-over who love food as much as (or even more, gasp!) I do, I've got a new blog to read and get ideas from: Joy the Baker.

I liked Joy immediately because I'm now itching to make these sea salt chocolate/vanilla bean cookies. But I also saw a post on Caesar Salad during my first perusal of her blog and came across this description of a "husband hug."
I need to kind of hug that I imagine comes from the husband I don’t yet have. The kind of hug that you can completely relax into. The kind of hug where you are exactly who you are without any self conscious discomfort. The kind of hug that I imagine comes with familiar husband neck smells, synchronized breathing, and maybe a whisper in the ear. The kind of hug that softens everything in the world- that’s the kind of hug I need.
Hmmm, great baking and husband hugs... I like her. And I look forward to those hugs every morning when I stumble out of bed and HH is already up drinking coffee on the couch or standing at the stove stirring his oatmeal.

OH, and thanks to Miss S, I have a new book that I started devouring last night while HH and Rob were at work until 8:00 pm. It's called Tender at the Bone and is a food-centered memoir by NYT food critic and Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl. According to Amazon, it didn't get a very complementary review from Publisher's Weekly, but I am enjoying it so far -- a story of a chaotic, fanciful life shaped at every turn (or at least her perceptions are shaped) by experiences of cooking and eating food.

If I start a food blog (which I'm still contemplating, but I'm not ready to give this one up yet and I'd only maintain one personal blog), I'll definitely be including reviews of food-related books like this one.


Melodee said...

Have I ever told you about Cooking for Mr. Latte? It's a fun food memoir. Lisa's got my copy at the moment, but I'd be happy to lend it to you when I get it back from her!

Anonymous said...

I got half way through "Tender at the bone" when I checked it out of the library before I had to take it back. I just got it a couple of months ago used from Amazon. Great book! - MIL